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3 Reasons Why SMO Cochin Services Are Being Sought After By Businesses

SMO Process Economic Silver Gold Platinum
Pricing (monthly) $300 $500 $750 $1000
Man Hours (monthly) $30 $60 $100 $150
Social Bookmarking $30 $50 $70 $120
(Bookmarking Service/product page/article/News/Blog post/story in top visited bookmarking sites - shareable among networks, drive)

Social Media Networking

(Promoting your business through creating networks in most popular & your targeted communities - boost traffic & create brand identity)

Kaboodle (only for product based sites)
Other relevant Social Media Site Video Marketing 5 7 10


(Creating interesting blog posts & regularly updating official blog - create brand identity & gain returning visitors/subscriptions)

Blog Setup

(on Wordpress/Blogger platform)
Wordpress blog integration on site domain
Blog Optimization (Navigation/Subscribe option/Plugin)
Blog Post Updation 10 15 20 25
Blog Marketing
Blog Commenting

Article Promotion

(Creating business focused articles & publishing them in popular article sites like Ezinearticles, Articlebase etc.- generate backlinks & real traffic)

Article Creation 5 10 15 20
Article Submissions (for each article) 2 2 2 2

Press Media Exposure

(Creating & Distributing news article or media release in popular News sites like Bignews, Prinside, Sbwire etc. - gives instant exposure & quality traffic)

Press Release Creation 2 4 6 10
Press Release Submissions 3 6 9 15

* Videos will be provided by client

* Strategy may vary as per the site theme & targeted community, however total man hours

specified will be spent in the marketing campaigns

* Reports will be given monthly

* Access details to all the accounts will be provided to the client

SMO Portfolio

The very aim of any business establishment is the need to have maximum number of users. Be it the product based industry or the service based sector, there is always a search going on by the organisations as to how best to improve their sale. World over, there is a market for every kind of product or service. There are buyers and users available for everything. One only needs to put forth the product in front of the users, so that they realise the presence, see it and then interact further. Various businesses are nowadays aiming to improve their customer base by directly aiming at the social media where people are most active. Social media optimisation is a technique by which the businesses are helped in making themselves visible in the search engines.

There are experts in SMO Cochin, who are able to create such tools that bring the sites into the notice of the customers, and that too in a much targeted manner. We, the web designing company located in Cochin offers the SMO services with updated techniques. Putting the advertisement before everyone is not the right way to promote a product. The best results are obtained, and conversion rate is high only if the products are shown to people who will probably get benefit out of it. Through social media sites, such a possibility is quite high. Carrying out the SMO process is nowadays being considered by many websites with products and services for 3 important reasons.

Visibility among a wider audience is possible because people have their profiles in these sites and they interact with friends. With tools which help in sharing common interests among them, business establishments can be promoted in such a manner that they become visible in the social media and thereby are liked or shared between friends.

Increased traffic and conversion rate is possible because the visibility is increased. Those who are in need of the products or services will surely look into the profile pages of the businesses that have undertaken the SMO optimisation techniques and improved their visibility.

Improved tools and result oriented techniques are being provided by the SMO Cochin services for bringing the benefits in the search engines. Social media sites like facebook have added plenty of tools, languages, programming, plug ins, etc for making the optimisation process better.

Rub The Web has brought about a significant change in the manner in which the social media optimisation is being done. Completely professional and expert help is being provided by the techniques that the agency uses in its services, thereby making the businesses gain top ranks and high visibility among the targeted audience.

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